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Sales of German Shepherds in Staffordshire

For a family pet with an eye on the household security, a German Shepherd can become a close friend

and a great ally. Call 01270 841 533 and let us bring you together.

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At Hollies Kennels and Cattery we are the largest supplier of German imported dogs in the UK. We train the dogs ourselves and are specialists in the supply of highly trained family protection dogs, often described as “lassie with attitude”.

With our combined training, showing and breeding expertise, we are have specialised show lines and working lines breeding programs running side by side. We are

licensed breeders and adhere to and exceed legislation and recommendations for


From our experience of show lines and working lines, we are able to produce and sell show quality animals capable of attaining their necessary working titles and working dogs capable of becoming V graded and Kkl1.

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Many families love the idea of a German Shepherd dog, but are not fully aware of the care and control  needed for this breed to be both a family pet and a guard dog. German Shepherd dogs are well proportioned, very strong and love strenuous activity and plenty of exercise. This is why training your dog is essential.

Training together is an excellent way to bond with your German Shepherd. They need to have set boundaries so that they know what is and what is not acceptable and need to learn to respond to you. In return, you need to show confidence and control. Here at Hollies, we can help train both of you to build the perfect partnership.

The important thing to remember is that dogs like routine, it makes them feel secure so try and get into a regular pattern to help them quickly become accustomed to their new home and family.  We can offer you all the advice you need and offer a range of bespoke training services to suit you and your new dog.