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Learn from an experienced dog trainer in Crewe

Need help to feel confident in controlling your dog? An obedient dog is a fun dog and a loyal friend ...

let us help you build that bond. Call 01270 841 553 to talk to Eric.

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Our expert trainer

Award winning results

Getting started

Arguably one of the most respected trainers in the UK, Eric is fully experienced in the following areas:

• Obedience

• Working trials

• Agility

• I.P.O. Training

Eric and his well-trained friends have represented Great Britain at:

•  The FCI world championships in Austria in 2009

•  The Wusv world championships in Germany in 2009

•  The Wusv World Championships in Seville in 2010.

Before dog training it's vital that you look at the behaviour of the dog so you can choose a dog training method which suits the character and temperament of your dog's breed. We can advise you on all aspects of this, so that training is fun for you and your pet.

Does it help my dog?

Types of training

Our well-trained dogs

Dog training is part of your dog's educational needs and a well-trained dog is a secure, happy dog.

Our methods are about firmness, fairness and establishing clear boundaries so that your dog knows exactly what the expectations of it are and can respond to these appropriately.

• Teaching and empowering the owner

• Puppy training and housebreaking

• One to one tuition

• Three week residential courses

• Unwanted behaviour

• Basic dog commands

• Helping you and your dog

Are out there serving communities at:

•HMP Full Sutton

•HMP Wakefield

•Ministry of Defence

•Plus various celebrity clients (names not revealed due to client confidentiality and personal security).

We also train police dogs.

Classes held every Saturday morning starting 11.00 am with beginners £8.00 for the lesson.

(Please note these are purely obedience classes and behavioral problems need to be addressed on a one to one basis)

Obedience Classes